You know you’d like to purchase storm windows, but you aren’t sure what would look the best on the exterior of your home. You have access to storm window installation through Deluxe Homes Solutions; however, can we help you find the right storm windows that look best in your home? Of course, we can! Our knowledgeable experts who install storm windows can assist you in finding the right storm windows for your home. Not only will we help you find the right aesthetically pleasing windows, but we’ll also find ones that will keep your home protected from ruthless storms. If you’re interested in learning more about storm window installation, then contact us today.

What To Look For In Storm Windows?

When it comes to looking for storm windows, you need to make sure that they aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, but they also have the capabilities that you need to protect your home. When you decide on Deluxe Homes Solutions, we can help guide you toward looking for the best storm windows for your needs. Essentially, when you begin to look for storm windows, you’ll need ones that have a strong performance, long-term sturdiness, and strength to withstand those rough Florida storms. If you don’t purchase storm windows that aren’t durable, then you’ll have leaks and other damage that makes its way through the cracks of your home.

The Proper Fit

When you are looking for storm windows, it’s important to find the proper fit. You don’t want to purchase a storm window that’s not going to fit in your home or one that sticks out a little funny and doesn’t look great. To determine the proper fit, figure out how the window will be put into the main window. If the window in your home has an Eastern casing, then the storm window will overlap and attach itself to the casing. If it’s a Western casing, then the storm window should be attached to the recessed ⅝ inch blind storm inside the window opening. Once that’s figured out, then you’ll need to measure the windows on both the horizontal and the vertical sides. Additionally, you’ll want to check the window sash height to figure out the right way to put the storm window in.

The Features

When you want to pick out the best storm window for your home, make sure that you know the features you can take advantage of. All storm windows should be available in Low-emissive or Low-E glass. Low-E is a type of window glass that has invisible metal or metallic oxide coating that it’s treated with. It also has a surface that demonstrates heat to allow light to pass through. Low-E glass is also a great way to save on energy and was one of the first available ways to save energy in 1979. Another feature you can take advantage of are the colors. There are many different colors you can pick from when choosing storm windows such as mill, white, or coffee color. Lastly, security is an essential feature. You want to make sure there is reinforced screens, extra sturdiness, and multi-point locks. These essentials will withstand any forced entry as well as ensure your home is safe from storms.

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